Monday, January 12, 2015

The Creation of a Trans-Martyr's Mythology

Simply put, it is a tragedy whenever any person reaches a point, for any reason, where they feel that they must take their own life.  In the case of the person who is generally referred to as "Leelah" Alcorn (his legal name was Joshua Ryan Alcorn) this tragedy has been compounded by the hateful, and outrageous attempts by transgender extremists to use this case to further their absurd agenda.

Alcorn is presented as a "trans girl," though the evidence is pretty clear that he was more likely a deeply ego dystonic gay male.  Worse, the fact that he clearly had a number of mental health issues that lead to his death have been swept aside in the effort to promote him as a martyr to the cause.

First off, in his "suicide note," he uses language that shows his confusion, referring to himself as "gay," and making a big issue out of having to wait less than a year to begin transition because he thinks he will be too late to have an appropriate appearance.  That, of course, is absurd.  He also talks about how he "lied" to his therapist and claimed to be straight.

Alcorn's parents reacted according to their beliefs, and did what they thought best for their son.  There was nothing criminal in their actions, and it is clear from Alcorn's postings that he was not physically abused.  He was simply not allowed to behave in a manner that his parent's felt was wrong.  And given his reference to himself as the "transgender queen of hell," and "Satan's wifey" show that he was in a serious rebellion against his parents.  I, personally, cannot blame them for trying to reign him in.

His parents, who stated that they told him that they loved him unconditionally, have been portrayed as monsters.  Of course, the truth is rarely, if ever, presented by transgender extremists who attempt to make his parent's statement look far different than what they are.

And it is also telling that his death was a typical male suicide.  Females rarely kill themselves in such a violent manner.  Alcorn was a deeply disturbed person, and his death truly is a tragedy, but using him to attack those who do not share the radical agenda of the transgender extremists is also a real tragedy.  Hopefully his promotion as a martyr will not lead to other suicides.


Nick Addy said...

I've read your blogs. You're absurd.
1. Who are you to question these peoples identity? You should be supportive
2. You say you dislike the 'hierarchy' - is this not what you do? Place yourself on a pedestal because your post op to those who are not?
3. You say you are harrassed - sorry, but what do you call what you do on this blog, exactly?
4. Your ridiculous. And a disgrace to your community.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, Nick, I think you are fool, so...

1. I don't "question" their identity, I just deal with it honestly, and factually. You see, I believe that words actually have meanings. And why should I be supportive of someone's ill behavior?

2. No, I don't consider there to be any basis for comparison. People who are truly pre-op transsex are where I once was, and I do support them. But, such people are extremely rare.

3. I call it speaking the truth.

4. No, and what is ridiculous is your insistence that I am part of that "community." Sorry, but since your reading comprehension skills are clearly lacking, I can excuse that. But, to reiterate in terms you might be able to understand, I do not identify as transgender, and therefore I am NOT a member of your imaginary community.

Nick Addy said...

Oh God. You are a NUT JOB! You are NOBODY to tell ANYBODY what their identity is. It is CLEARLY your comprehension that is lacking.

Nick Addy said...

I am gay. I used to identify as bi. Do you treat somebody in the same situation comparatively to yours the same way?

Nick Addy said...

And your a disgrace to the TRANSEXUAL community. That was my point on 4. ALL COMMUNITY.

Just Jennifer said...

I am a transsexual, not transexual.... try to keep up.