Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Low, Even For the Transadvocate

First off, I want to apologize for being away for a while.  Real life intervened, and I have been very a good way.  Also, to be honest, there has been little worth writing about.  After a while, it gets tiresome writing about the same old silliness from the radical TG crowd.  There just hasn't been much new stuff...until now.

In an article by Fallon Fox, a pseudo-transsexual man who likes to beat up on other women, we are informed that the "TERFs" (i.e. Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists) are "the new Westboro Baptist Church."    Of course, this is the same bunch that has repeatedly tried to get the Southern Poverty Law Center to declare TERFs to be a certified hate group.  I guess since that hasn't worked, they have decided to take on a new approach.

The whole idea is ludicrous.  Worse, Mr. Fox comes up with some rather strained (to say the  very least) reasons for his claim.
Who in the hell would go through years of hormone replacement therapy, electrolysis, doctor’s appointments, psychological therapy, loss of thousands and thousands of dollars, loss of family and friends, possible loss of one’s job, put themselves in harm’s way by being a prime target for physical violence at the hands of men? And most importantly, why would some so called “men” elect to have an operation on their genitals that would remove their ability to use their sexual organ in penetrating fashion in the act of rape? Most rational adults are not ignoramuses to the degree that they would believe such rhetoric especially after hearing the counter argument.
Uh, sorry fellow, but we are constantly told how one does not need SRS to be a woman, how women have penises, how "most transgender people don't have surgery," etc.  So, don't come along and try to use claims about having SRS to argue a transgender position.  It's a bit disingenuous to say the least.

And really, why would someone who claims to be a "woman" spend so much time insuring that everyone, and anyone is fully aware that they were born a man, and expose their self to endless rounds of publicity, seeking out the spotlight?

Sorry, what you try to describe are transsexuals, who are not, automatically, transgender.  

And let's look at what the transgender extremists have pushed.  A lot of the controversy has arose because:

  1. Transgender males generally refuse to respect reasonable boundaries.  They demand to be allowed to invade women's spaces, no matter how personal and private they are.
  2. Transgender males introduced the idea of the "cotton ceiling" in an attempt to shame lesbians into accepting sex with them.
  3. An increasing number of transgender males demand the right to be in place where nudity is inevitable, even though they have no had corrective surgery.  And they adamantly defend men who have been caught in such situations.
  4. These men, Mr. Fox being a particular example, belittle the very real concerns that women have about men committing aggressive acts.
I don't agree with everything the Radical Feminists say, but I also do not believe they remotely deserve the crap spewed by kooks like Mr. Fox.

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