Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mr. "Cristan" Williams is Lying Again

It hardly qualifies as news, it happens so much, but Mr. "Cristan" Williams has come up with another of his signature whoppers.  He is whining because Cathy Brennan contacted OutSmart Magazine, and LGBT publication in Houston, to complain about an article Williams wrote on what he likes to call "Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists," or TERFs.  Williams has repeated a lie he created, claiming that Ms. Brennan is affiliated with the Pacific Justice Institute.  She isn't, and his entire basis for this claim is the fact that she apparently posted a link to something they published.  Hmm, based on that logic, I would hate to see what Mr. Williams would claim about me….

Mr. Williams plays fast and loose with the facts quite often.  Then when confronted with the truth, he simply lies more.  In this case, only a fool would would begin to believe this flimsy lie.

Unfortunately, Mr. Williams personally imposed himself into the case of the Colorado teen that became the focus of so much controversy.  Elizabeth at Notes From the T-Side is closer to see the problem here, but I suspect does not want to admit that her enthusiastic endorsement of Mr. Williams was in error.

Elizabeth writes, quite accurately, about how being labeled transgender hurts the cases of someone like the student referred to by Mr. Williams as "Jane Doe," but still refuses to admit that Williams' motivations, and actions, have nothing to do with helping the child, and everything to do with pushing the radical transgender agenda of full and unfettered access to women's spaces for men pretending to be women.

BTW, in spite of the best efforts of the transgender kooks, it appears that the implementation of AB 1266 will not be quite what they planned.  News articles have talked about schools making plans to provide privacy in dressing areas, so the kook's vision of "transgender" males waving penises around the girls is not going to happen after all.

Of course, knowing the kooks, and their agenda, I am wondering when the first lawsuit challenging such an approach will appear?  And how quickly things will blow up in their face?

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