Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Laughing At You, Not With You....

In a comment to a post by "Autumn" Sandeen on Pam's House Blend, "Monica" Helms made this insulting comment:
Funny Bone
I understand that there have been several trans women who have been unwilling victims of unscrupulous SRS/GRS doctors.  While they were under getting surgery, the doctors also took out their funny bone, leaving them with no sense of humor or an understanding of when sarcasm has been thrown their way.I heard that like hip replacements and joint replacements, they can now have their funny bone replaced.  Maybe then, they will lighten up and actually enjoy life and what the SRS doctor gave them.  
Now, first off, Mr. Helms shows his typical disdain for true transsexuals.  Mr. Helms is a charter member of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club.  Second, he shows his cluelessness by insisting on adding the modifier "trans" to "women."  You can be a woman, or you can be trans, but "trans woman" is just a PC way of saying, "Hey, I am really a dude...."

Now, what Mr. Helms is really saying is, "Hey, when I make fun of you, I expect you to laugh along with me."  Uh, yes, we do understand that he is throwing "sarcasm" our way, and to be honest, we find it insulting.  I know he approaches all of this with a classic male sense of entitlement, but is he really so clueless that he thinks we should actually appreciate his making such remarks?  Apparently he is.

Things would be a lot more peaceful if extremists like Mr. Helms, and Mr. Sandeen would simply accept the fact that transsexuals want no part of their "freak show."  They seek to demand that society accept them, and their penises, as female.  Such is, of course, their right. But they should do it without trying to drag true transsexuals down to their level.

Until then, Mr. Helms should realize, while we don't appreciate his insults, he can, occasionally be good for a laugh when he makes some of his more outrageous remarks.

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Not your friend said...

Helms isn't even transgender Mr. Helms is a homosexual man who has infiltrated the transgender community in order to provide a gateway for his homosexual friends to colonize the transgender community. Helms neither lives full time nor does he have any interest in females of any sort.

Mr. Helms is as phony as a $3.00 bill. I have a friend who has met helms in real life the man walks like a man, talks like a man and has little or no experience in applying makeup.

Mr. Helms is a fraud, and a fraud of the worst kind one that isn't very convincing.