Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Sandeen is a LIAR!!!

"In a comment to a recent post, "Autumn" Sandeen, one of the point men for the extremist wing of the transgender movement made a blatantly false statement.  In fact, he even contradicted himself to do it. 

While attacking "true transsexuals, classic transsexuals,women of operative history, and women of transsexual history -- as well as some associating with Harry Benjamin Syndrome..." he makes this assertion:
Well, many (if not most) these true transsexul women believe that late transitioning transsexual people, non-operative transsexual people, many-if-not-all pre-operative transsexual people, genderqueer people, drag performers, and crossdressers are fetishists.
This, of course is a basic straw argument.  It contains a grain of truth, and then adds quite a bit of falsehood.  It would, of course, be accurate to say that we see some late transitioning non-transsexuals as fetishists.  The same can be said of crossdressers.  Drag performers are generally not fetishists, and I know of no one who claims they are.  Gender queer would be considered to be more of a social/political form of extremism.  There is, of course, no such thing as a non-operative transsexual person.  They probably are fetishists, as they are essentially another form of crossdresser.  And finally, the most egregious lie is the addition of "many-if-not-all pre-operative transsexual people."

Has Mr. Sandeen taken leave of his senses...well, more than he clearly already has?  Or is this simply a deliberate lie?  Clearly, it is the latter.  He knows better than this.  It does not even make sense.  Earlier in the same comment, he lumps those close to surgery in with those who are post-op.  Well, if these people, who by his own words, include "all" pre-ops, that would mean that those close to surgery see themselves as being fetishists, and those who are post-op as having been fetishists.

Simply put.....HUH?!?!?!?!?

What an incredibly stupid attempt to discredit people he knows are correct.  He can't refute us with facts, so he has to appeal to fear.  Obviously we were all pre-ops at one time.  We may see people, such as Mr. Sandeen, who were avowed non-ops, who suddenly declare that one day, in the far distant future, if all the stars align, and they win the lottery, etc., that they will have surgery, but who clearly have no imperative to undergo the operation, and have more excuses than actual plans, as frauds, and yes, even fetishists.  But Mr. Sandeen is not, and never will be a transsexual.  He just wants to improve his status.

And he proves this by lying.


magdelyn said...

You are purposefully, and provocatively using masculine pronouns, and specifically calling Ms. Sandeen a man. You are one crazy assed tranny,

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, I am quite purposely telling the truth. And yes, I am specifically calling Mr. Sandeen a man, because, well that is what he is. You see, one does not become a woman by simply calling yourself that,

And I will warn you only once...the use of the term "tranny" is unacceptable here unless one is self-identifying as such. No sir, I am not a tranny, and yes, I did just use a male pronoun to refer to you. You see, I can toss insults as well.

magdelyn said...

Well, Sir, I could care less what you call me.

Just Jennifer said...

Actually, I rather suspect you do care, otherwise you would not be acting so childishly. If you think you're silliness is going to upset me, forget it. I am quite secure in my womanhood, and your attempt to provoke is rather immature.

Jessica Sideways said...

Jennifer, by not linking to the original post - you are keeping us from seeing what you are referring to as a lie. Your own words show that Autumn was correct in her statement, since you immediately go on to denigrate those people.

So, you never pointed out what, if anything, Autumn Sandeen lied about.

Just Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you have problems with reading comprehension? I mean, if you hope to actually get into medical school that could be a major problem. I quoted the remark where he makes a patently false statement. And I then went on to detail exactly why he is telling a lie.

So, while I realize you feel a desperate need to grasp at a straw and try to create an argument out of it, you have failed miserably. Mr. Sandeen is quite dishonest in his claim.

And again, I do suggest you work on your reading skills. Otherwise, you haven't a chance of a career in medicine.

Jessica Sideways said...

1. I do not have issues with reading comprehension. I saw that:
(a) You did not link to the original post by Autumn.
(b) You quoted a selection from the post.
(c) And I was wrong, upon re-reading the passage - you only referred to some late-onset transitioners as fetishists. BUT!
* There is such a thing as a non-op transsexual person.
* You refer to them as crossdressers, which is ludicrous, considering many people become non-op due to fiduciary or health reasons. That does not make them any less of a woman.
* I have seen many of your posts and you do attack a number of pre-op women. You show a serious lack of empathy for other transwomen. Assuming that you are post-op, you have forgotten what it's like to be pre-op and have started persecuting pre-op people.

Just Jennifer said...

Quite simply:

1. Obviously, you do...

(a) There was no need to...
(b) Funny how you seemed to miss that..
(c) Again, funny how you seemed to miss that...

No, "non-op transsexual" is an oxymoron. It is a term made up to provide cover for full-time crossdressers who don't really wish to be women. If one wishes to retain a penis, then one does not really wish to be female, and is therefore NOT a transSEXUAL as there is no desire to change SEX but only a desire to change one's gender presentation.

People are "non-op" for only one reason. Now, perhaps you were well off enough to have had surgery at a young age, with no real financial strain, but many of us were not. We struggled and went through hardship to get it. But we were not easily deterred. And you claim to be pre-med, so you should be able to easily discover that it is extremely rare, pretty much to the point of non-existence, for people to be denied surgery because of medical reasons. Certainly not permanently.

No, the only reason anyone is "non-op" is simple is that they do not wish to give up their penis. They are men, plain and simple, and they wish to remain men. Having a penis is important to them. It is central to their identity and self-image. Losing it would be more than they can live with.

And no, I don't attack "pre-ops." I do attack those who adopt that term when they clearly have no real intentions of having surgery. Yes, I remember what it is like to be a pre-op. That is why I see so many who clearly are not, but claim they are.

And I am not a "transwoman." I am a woman. I did not go through all of this to be anything else.

thehawke said...

How DARE you misgender someone!

Just Jennifer said...

Sorry, but I am not misgendering anyone. Sandeen is a male, and quite a man. Just claiming to be a woman does not make you one. Sandeen has a penis, and shows no desire to actually be rid of it. And in case you haven't noticed, this is my blog. I will say whatever I wish here.

Anonymous said...

Sandeen does not even act remotely female. I cannot for the life of me understand why anybody sees that nutter as anything but a man.