Saturday, December 4, 2010

Defending the Indefensible

Sometimes the radical extremists go just a bit too far.  A perfect example of this is Bil Browning's latest absurd rant on Bilerico.  He has his nose out of joint because a couple of pedophiles, who dressed up as women and tried to seduce a teenage boy, were referred by their actual names and called "perverts."  Well, duh!

One of the men was charged with rape, and the other was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Bil states that it is not clear whether they were "transgender women."  It really doesn't matter.  They are both pedophiles, and are both criminals.  They will, hopefully, go to prison, and will, again hopefully, serve long, and probably very unpleasant, sentences.  When they get out, they will have to register as sexual predators.

Yes, these men are perverts.  I cannot think of a better term for someone engaging in such behavior.  What they did is inexcusable.  Even if they are, by some incredible stretch of the imagination, actually transsexuals, what they did is outrageous.  They are not deserving of anything other than a long stretch in prison.  Being held up to public ridicule is the least of their problems,

The real irony in all of this is the picture that accompanies the article.  It is a rabbit covering his ears, and it says "make the stupid people shut up." 

Bil should take that advice.


Aria Blue said...

Bil likes to throw out a 'controversial' tranny issue when readership drops. Those sorts of stories seem to be the only way they get comments these days. The whole GLBT thing is moribund at this point.

I'm tired of them making fodder out of things having to do with "trans" so I'm enjoying this lack of involvement. If none of the anti-TG people show up, its a non-issue anymore. This is a good trend. The "antis" control the terms of engagement now.

Just Jennifer said...

This one was a new low for even Bil. The one thing he did accomplish was showing just how silly the extremists can be. The smart money would be on distancing oneself from such behavior, but no, that is not what happened.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I have always found disgusting about Bilerico is their support of pedophiles.