Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Travesty in Washington

Last week, transgender activist "Autumn" Sandeen was arrested as one of the so-called "White House Six," six protesters who chained themselves to the White House fence in protest of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Along with the others, who were all gay or lesbian, Mr. Sandeen was arrested.  Now he is whining about how he was treated in jail.

Now, Mr. Sandeen, who is a retired member of the United States Navy was wearing a female naval uniform, even though his entire service in the Navy was served as a man.  Mr. Sandeen is one of those people who decided rather late in life, after a successful career as a man, that he really wants to be a woman.

There was apparently some confusion on the part of the White House police as to Mr. Sandeen's sex.  He informed them that he was transgender, and that he had "female breasts and male genitalia."  Apparently the police first misclassified him as female.  Then, when they realized their mistake, they change his ID bracelet to one that correctly said "M."  Of course, Mr. Sandeen, who is of the mind that simply claiming to be a woman makes one fully, and completely female, was terribly upset.

Now this brings us to the two problems central to this whole issue.

First off, transgender people simply do not have a place in the military.  I see no problems with a post-op transsexual, who is otherwise qualified, being allowed to enlist in the military.  But I am sorry, there is no place for someone who is pre-op, non-op, etc.  They are simply not going to fit into the military's purposes.  They will be disruptive, period.  I mean, there are limits. 

Second, Mr. Sandeen, in spite of all his protests and whining is still, physically a male.  He has no right to expect to be placed in a female section of the jail.  At best, if he is in a jurisdiction that allows for such, he might be placed in a special section with other transgender people who are still physically male.  Possibly he might be placed in isolation.  But he has no basis to expect to be incarcerated with females.

This is the absurdity of the transgender movement.  They expect society to completely suspend reality with regards to their situation.  There is rarely much, if any privacy in a jail or prison.  In holding areas, prisoners are forced to share a single toilet, with no privacy at all.  If one is there long enough to be required to take a shower, nudity is inevitable.  Mr. Sandeen might well expect the women who would be forced to tolerate his presence to ignore his penis, but that is unreasonable.

And Mr. Sandeen will simply have to face the simple fact that many, especially veterans, might well be displeased with his wearing a female uniform.  At the very least, he should show some regard for the feelings of others, but no, that is not going to happen either.


lisalee18wheeler said...

I understand that there is a procedure in place that allows post-op transsexual veterans and retirees the ability to change their previous status. I'm currently looking into changing my records to reflect my correction. Then I might consider wearing the appropriate uniform, if I choose. And not an iota sooner...

Anonymous said...

I find what Sandeen did to be offensive to the highest level.

To begin with I don't support homosexuals in the military.

Most of all seeing Sandeen in that uniform is an affront to the (real) men and women who laid down their lives for this country

He should be institutionalized, until he is mentally well. His behavior is indicative of someone who has lost touch with reality.

Just Jennifer said...

I don't believe anyone should be able to change their sex markers on anything legal, except possible driver's licenses and state ID cards, until after full correction. And I see no problem with a post-op, who is otherwise qualifed, wearing a uniform that reflects their actual sex. If I am not mistaken, there are restrictions in place that prohibit wearing any military uniform for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

We are as usual in agreement.

I see that Mr. Sandeen has thrown a hissey fit over on Pam's transgender blend over an opinion peace on another site. There seems to be a lot of people upset with Sandeen's behavior back in DC. A column in the local gay rag last week called Sandeen out on his actions.

Word around here is the Gay establishment in Sandeen's home town is not happy with him for his actions.

God only knows what Sandeen will do next.