Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christine Daniels Did Not Commit Suicide!

Mike Penner might have, but we don't even know that for sure. Right after his suicide, most of the gender fascist crowd started trying to use his tragic death for their own purposes. They tried to exploit the tragedy. But most of them had the decency to refer to him as Mike, and to use male pronouns, because the is how he was living when he died. From what I have read, Penner broke off contact with the transgender community which rushed to embrace him when he transitioned. Now they are trying to exploit him in death.

Worse, more and more of the gender fascists have started referring to him as Christine, either using his chose surname, "Daniels," or referring to him as "Christine Penner" (a name he never used. Both Donna Rose, at Bilerico, and Suzan Cooke, at Women Born Transsexual, have done this.

We don't know if Penner committed suicide, if he did we don't know why, but we do know that, for whatever reason, he chose to return to identifying as Mike Penner, not Christine. He should be left in peace, allowed to be remembered as he chose to be when he died.

Of course, the gender fascists are probably afraid of the very possible truth. Perhaps Mike Penner, having been exposed to the transgender community assumed that was what awaited him. And maybe he decided it was not the right path for him. I have serious doubts that Penner was a true transsexual. He decided to transition relatively late in life after a highly successful career in a very male field. For someone who actually has a female brain, such would be near impossible. Not completely impossible, and perhaps, if he really was a transsexual, and he really did manage to do the near impossible, the accumulated mental stress left him unable to cope and that led, eventually, to his suicide.

Or perhaps Penner was transgender, but he did not find the prospect of winding up like some a sort of bizarre parody of a woman, at all appealing.

But the simple fact remains. His name was Mike Penner, not Christine. That should be respected, even if it takes away a martyr that the gender fascists crave so much.


lisalee18wheeler said...

I made the mistake of trying to read Donna's piece and the accompanying comments over at Bilerico. When are the professional trannys and their sychophants going to shut up? When hell freezes over, probably...

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, that was the first piece I read of the two I mentioned. Ot os disgusting how they decend like vultures when someone dies tragically.

Anonymous said...

What is truly sad is how desperately the Tee-Gees glom on to such unfortunate events. Considering that a certain new media journalist just fessed up to being mentally ill I can see how twisted a sad event like Mr Penner's death can become. It's almost like idol worship.

They cling so tightly to their victimhood and celibate it more than life itself.;jsessionid=8603D41B175BF28193449B316C331EB3?diaryId=14385

There is some kind of bent exhibitionism here in this post up on PHB.