Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Second Most Irritating Barney Gets a Big Thank You

The second most irritating Barney, that purple dinosaur being the most irritating one, got a big thank you from some leading transgender activists in San Francisco this past week. Yes, in spite of all he has done to trash transsexual women, they are thanking Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank for hiring a "transman" as his legislative assistant.

Many might find this somewhat impressive, but it has to be kept in mind that even Jesse Helms once hired a black man, James Meredith, as his legislative asssistant. And that did not really seem to do much to improve Helm's attitudes.

Sadly, this sort of thing happens a lot. How many times have people been fooledinto believing that the Human Rights Campaign is going to support an "inclusive ENDA." Now, personally, I don't really want to be lumped in with the "transgender" crowd in order to receive protection for my rights, but it may be the only way. And I think any sort of "inclusive ENDA" actually needs to be carefully written in order to prevent it from leading to more problems than it solves. But the bottom line is, like Frank, the HRC seems to be willing to toss transsexuals under the bus.

Will Frank's new token trans man make any difference? Or will he just supply some small measure of cover when Frank repeats past history? Only time will tell, but until it does, any thanks should have been withheld. But, alas, that is not how the "transgender" crowd does things.


Jackie said...

I think it's good Barney hired a Transman. I sure hope he's not a token only. The Jesse Helms example was a good one.
I agree that "big thank you" should have been witheld.

sue_ann_robins said...

Trust me it is a token appointment. Barny want's everyone behind him when he gets the non-trans-inclusive ENDA Passed.

To the majority of Classical TS it doesn't make any difference anyway, they are off woodworked and living real lives. It's the out and proud wanna-bees who are going to have a hard time of it.

You can put money on there being a non-inclusive ENDA, transgenders are just political foter for the G/L Political Machine. If they keep the T busy thinking they are really a part of the so called GLTB then they cannot effectively organize a credible political activism engine of their own.

When ENDA is passed they will kick the trannys off the buss and tell them "go get your own anti discrimination law.

When you take into consideration how the so called activists in the tranny community act and present themselves,
transgender rights are not going to happen in this lifetime.

Sad to say but it's true
Does anybody really see Monica Helms or Autumn Sandeen as women?


Just Jennifer said...

I would be more impressed if Frank had hired a woman with HBS, but as I say, I don't think he has changed at all. Of course, if he hired someone with HBS they would most likely decline to be made into a public spectacle.

Just Jennifer said...

Sue, I strongly suspect you are right. And while I have no particular interest in an inclusive ENDA, it would provide some small measure of protection for those instances where someone's past is inadvertently revealed. But it provides nothing for the average person with HBS as such a law basically requires one to be "out, loud, and proud" for it to make much difference. It would only provide protection in cases where it could be shown that the employer knew that one was a member of one of the protected classes, and that there was actually discrimination based on that knowledge.

An inclusive ENDA is intended to protect people like Helms, Sandeen, and others who have no desire to live quiet normal lives, but who wish to be some sort of unique character, to put it nicely. They wish to be seen as men pretending to be women, or women who were born women, or some other variation other than simply a woman. The idea of being seen that way is an repugnant to them as the idea of being seen otherwise is to a woman with HBS.

sue_ann_robins said...

Well Jen;
They don't get it, they are just queer or internet trannies.

Just Jennifer said...

There are a lot of things they don't seem to get.